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1st Llangadog Trial


Finalist 2010 Supreme Championship
Welsh Team Member 2011 International
11th Welsh National 2010; 4th in Qualifying Day 3
Talgarreg Double Fetch Trial - 1st
Royal Welsh Show Champion
Llangadog Trial, Llangadog Champion
Indoor Trial, Pontrhydfendigaid - 2nd

Victor Ludorum (South Wales) - 3rd
Llanddewi Brefi Centenary Trial Champion
Royal Welsh Show Champion

World Trial Finalist

North Wales Open Championship double lift final Champion
Selatyn Trial double lift final Champion

Spot is a litter brother to Mirk. Both are off Kevin's Jaff (ISDS 231424) who was 5th in the 2006 Welsh National and runner-up in the International Brace Championship in 2005. Like Mirk, Spot is a strong, classy dog with an excellent temperament. Spot has been a very successful and consistent dog over the past few years having won many trials.

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Click here to see Spot's run in the Final of the 2008 World Sheepdog Trials from

D.O.B. 21 July 2004
DNA CEA Normal

ISDS Registration #: 272008
British Kennel Club Registration: AK0900793

We have semen from Spot available in the USA, and semen that is eligible for export to Australia/New Zealand.

Kinloch Sheepdogs is an ISDS Registered Agent for Artificial Insemination. If you are interested in purchasing frozen semen off Spot, please contact us.

Febuary 2010:
Brie had three pups off Spot via AI in the USA early February.

November 2009:
Somollis Emma (Norway) has pups to Spot via AI. Three pups in total but one has since died.

Dog Pup
Bitch Pup


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