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Sire: Bobby Dalziel's Joe (272330)
Dam: Angie Driscoll's Meg (282283)
DOB: 17 December 2009
DNA CEA normal (Optigen tested), SN carrier
BVA Hip Score: 10 (5:5)
Video of Penny (11 months old) - HERE
Penny's Trial Results HERE

Penny is a natural. She's keen, stylish, focused, enthusiastic, honest, and is very responsive to command. She is very determined and has plenty of quiet power. She can handle large flocks of sheep and loves working in the pens. Penny is a tremendous work dog and can be relied on for any and all tasks. She is my main work dog and I think a lot of this clever bitch (although she can be too clever for her own britches at the time she gathered the neighbour's sheep ...but that's another story).

Penny started trialling in August 2011 where she won her first Open trial. She ran half the season in 2012 before gaining some more practical experience at home. She made a return to trialling in April 2013 and has now won 5 and placed in 29 Open trials.

Penny's Pups
August 24, 2012: Penny's first litter of pups
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