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We do not breed pups often - perhaps one or two litters a year, and sometimes we don't breed a litter at all. We breed only for our own needs on the farm and/or for our next generation of trial dogs. So, it is only very occasionally we have pups for sale. We are small-scale and deliberately so.

When it comes to breeding, we're quite fussy. We breed only from good quality, very promising or proven work and trial bitches and dogs. Our preference is for dogs with heart, courage, brains, athleticism, stamina, speed, and a willingness to work in partnership with their handler, and it is from these 'types' that we breed.

All breeding dogs and bitches have been DNA tested for CEA or are DNA normal by virtue of the fact that both parents are DNA normal. We routinely hip score all dogs using the British Veterinary Association's scoring methodology. Under the BVA scoring system, the minimum (best) score for each hip is zero and the maximum (worst) is 53, giving a range for the total of 0 (best score) to 106 (worst score). The average score for border collies/working sheepdogs in the UK is 13. While we do due diligence on these things, it is the working qualities of each animal which primarily drive our breeding choices. We are striving for top quality, sound work and trial dogs. To us, what is in the dog's head and heart are more important than its colour, coat length or prick ears!

When we make available a pup or young dog for sale, we are happy to show you the parents working (where possible) either in-person or via video footage on our website. We also provide all relevant medical information from a licensed veterinary surgeon, including records of vaccinations, microchip information, parental CEA test results from Optigen, and, where available, hip test scores. All of our dogs, bitches and pups are registered with the International Sheep Dog Society, and, when asked, we dual register pups with the British Kennel Club. We like to follow the progress of the dogs we breed and some of these can be found at the bottom of the 'Our Dogs' page.

While we cannot guarantee a pup will show an inclination to work when it matures, what you can expect from a pup from us is a well socialized, healthy pup who has been introduced to the outside world. We work hard at socializing pups and giving them a good start in life with top-quality food, a clean, healthy environment, toys, exposure to children and other adults, outdoor exercise, vaccinations, and veterinary health checks. Our kennels are cleaned and disinfected daily, seven days a week, and are open for inspection at any time.

Our dogs get outside several times a day, everyday come rain, hail or shine, for work and exercise. When they are not working, they are exercised at least 4 times a day and they get playtime also. Many of our dogs go on daily runs with us to keep us fit! Pups are allowed outside only under supervision and we are careful about the amount and types of exercise they are allowed at any given time. While our dogs are not indoor dogs, they are allowed to spend time inside with us as part of their 'manners' training.

We keep, train, work, and trial with dogs from our own breeding. To date, every pup we have kept, trained and trialled has gone on to win and place on the trial field in nursery, novice and/or open trials. The success of our breeding program is measured, in part, by the performances of these dogs on the trial field and in their everyday work. We let their performances speak for themselves.


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