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Export Service
Kinloch Pet Travel Ltd is a small, family owned company offering a bespoke export pet travel service for your beloved dog. We assist in the exporting of dogs abroad, whether it be by road courier to the EU, or flights into the EU, North America, Japan, Down Under and other destinations. We have Balai registration and are able to complete Export Health Certificates, and other Health Certificates for various destinations. We can take care of your dog and all of the veterinary requirements and paperwork required to successfully transport your dog, and work with flight specialists to find the best option for flights and routes. This year we have exported dogs to the USA, Canada, Norway, Sweden, EU destinations, Iceland, Israel, Japan, South Africa, Chile, Nepal, Australia/New Zealand, Faroe Islands, South America and South Korea.

Please contact Angie ( or whatsapp 07786794406) if you would like more information or a quote for our services. We ship most breeds of dogs but specialize in working and sporting breeds.

Airport Delivery
We are fully DEFRA licensed and insured to transport animals. Safety, comfort and reliability are paramount to our service. All animals travel in fully crash tested cages. Each cage is lined with comfortable vet beds. We go the extra mile for your animal, looking after him or her with the greatest of care and kindness, and ensuring he or she gets to its destination quickly and safely, with comfort and exercise stops enroute.


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