Angie's Team 2023    
  Kinloch Mazi
2020: Welsh Team Member, World Sheepdog Trials
2018: A Way with Dogs Series 2, Qualifying 1st, Overall 4th
2017: European Nursery Championship 9th
2015: All Wales Nursery Final 7th
2015: Carmarthenshire Nursery Champion
15 wins and 36 placings in Open trials

Mazi is a son of Meg and Serge van der Zweep's Gary. He is full of character and his impish antics keep us laughing. As a young dog, he liked chickens...chasing and catching, but, thankfully, never worse than catching. When introduced to sheep, Mazi showed early promise and his enthusiasm for the job undeniable. Being a clever dog, sometimes too clever (!), Mazi took to training with zeal and by 18 months was almost fully trained. He's not been the luckiest dog on the trial field, but he is the 'go-to' dog at home for the most challenging of work situations. READ MORE.

Kinloch Pippi
2017: International Supreme 2017 11th=,
2017 European Nursery Championship 5th
2016, 2017, 2018 - Welsh Team Member
11 wins and 34 placings in Open trials

Pippi is a daughter of Meg and Serge van der Zweep's Gary (litter sister to Mazi). At birth, Pippi was such a tiny pup we thought she wouldn't survive and, if she did, she probably wouldn't 'make it' as a sheepdog. Wrong! As a young dog, Pippi was super fast and she wasn't too keen on stopping, but once she mastered that, she was away. She isn't a powerhouse of a dog but she is quick, responsive, ultra good listener, willing and she can settle sheep. READ MORE.

  Kinloch Carlos
2023: Nantymoel Hill trial Double Gather Champion and best outrunner
2020: Welsh Team Member, World Sheepdog Trials
2019: Four Nations Nursery final 5th
2018: All Wales Nursery Final 6th
2018: Carmarthenshire Nursery Champion
9 wins and 26 placings in Open trials

Carlos is a son of Kinloch Penny and Alan Jones's Spot. He is an all-around 'nice guy' with a wonderful temperament. He is a very keen dog but calm and showing strength and courage when faced with testing sheep. Carlos is a willing young dog, and we're still figuring each other out, but he is fantastic to work with. READ MORE.

Kinloch Taz
2022 Welsh Team Member
2020: Carmarthenshire Nursery Champion
6 wins and 19 placings in Open trials

Taz is a son of Aron and Kinloch Penny. Taz is a little scallywag. He is keen... very keen and sharp. He is coming along nicely in his training. He is turning into a very handy tool around the farm and is gaining experience working in the pens, loading trailers and gatthering the hill. Taz ran the 2020 nursery season finishing with 4 wins and two placings from 6 trials, and was the overall Carmarthenshire Nursery Champion. Taz moved up to Open in 2021 and has now won 5 and placed in 13 open trials. He was 9th at the 2022 Welsh National and reprsented Wales at the International. READ MORE

  Kinloch Sweep
2022: Four Nations Nursery Final - 3rd
2020: Reserve Carmarthenshire Nursery Champion

2 wins and 17 placings in Open Trials

Sweep is a son of Pennant Williams' Sweep and Kinloch Tia (Kinloch Penny x Medwyn Evans' Mac). Sweep is a natural at his job. He has a lovely natural outrun and is very biddable and clever. Sweep ran in the nurseries 2020 just for fun as we didn't think he was quite ready to trial. Well, Sweep had other ideas and he finished the 2020 nursery season with two wins and four placings from 6 trials. Overall he was second in the Carmarthenshire Nursery season behind 2nd cousin, Taz. READ MORE.
Kelvin's Team 2023
  Kinloch Levi
2021: Welsh Team Member for the International
2017: Welsh Team Captain for the World Trial
2016: International Supreme 7th; International Qualification 5th
2014: European Nursery Championship - 9th
15 wins and 48 placings in Open trials

Levi is a son of Kinloch Penny and Pennant Williams' Sweep. Right from the start, Levi was our favourite dog in the litter. Other than being very handsome (in our opinion), he has a bombproof temperament and is an easy dog to have around. On sheep, he is brimming with natural talent and feel for sheep, and has many of the same qualities as his father, Sweep. READ MORE.


Kinloch Cade
2023: Welsh Team Member for the World Sheepdog Trials
2019: Welsh Team Member, International
2019: Welsh National 6th
2014: South Wales Nursery Reserve Champion
2014: All Wales Nursery final 3rd
19 wins and 48 placings in Open trials

Cade is a son of our very talented little pocket rocket, Kinloch Sioux (daughter of Meg) and was Sioux's very first pup. There were only two pups in this litter, and Cade was a chubby little fella - hence his name (Cade is derived from an Old English nickname for something/someone rotund). READ MORE.

  Kinloch Ciaran

2022 Welsh Team Member; 3rd Welsh National Championship
2019 High Ash Double Fetch Final Champion
2017 All Wales Nursery final 3rd
2017 Carmarthenshire Nursery Champion
1 win and 23 placings in Open Trials

Ciaran is another son of Kinloch Sioux, and sired by Ricky Hutchison's Sweep. He is one of Angie's main work dogs but on temporary loan to Kelvin for trialling. Ciaran is a really cool dog, nothing bothers him, and he just smiles his way through each and every day, more so when he gets to work all day long. He is ever ready to work and is happy to work for just about anyone. READ MORE

Young Dogs in Training



  Foxridge Colt


The 'Retirees'    

2012, 2013, 2014 Welsh Team member, International
2011: Welsh team member, World Sheepdog Trials
10 wins and 66 placings in Open trials

Meg was a fantastic bitch in every respect and quite possibly the best dog I will ever have. Right from the start, she oozed quality. As a puppy, she was a naughty little devil. She stalked, pounced on, ran rings around, and quite literally terrorized her litter sister. The two of them managed to destroy their room in our house in Canada...carpet, walls, everything. At 6 months of age, I took her to sheep for the first time and, without knowing anything about dogs, I thought she was class. She is the reason we came to the UK. She was the (first) dog that kept me awake at night and got me out of bed in the morning as I tried to figure out how how train and handle a dog. READ MORE.

Kinloch Sioux   Kinloch Sioux
2015 Uwchaled Defaidty Double Fetch Champion
19 wins and 71 placings in Open trials.

Sioux is a daughter of Meg from the first litter we bred. She was an absolute dream to run. So clever, quick, responsive, amazing listener at any distance and exquisite feel for sheep. Her ability to spot sheep was simply fantastic and this, along with her athleticism, made her a tremendous hill dog. She was my little 'pocket rocket' who competed in nine consecutive calendar years, before retiring (although at almost 13 years of age, is still working).
  Kinloch Penny
6 wins and 32 placings in Open trials

Kinloch Penny is another daughter of Meg. She is Angie's main work dog. Penny won her first Open trial in August 2011 and has now won 6 and placed in 32 Open trials. In 2014 she qualified for the final of the Longshaw Sheep Dog Trial, finishing 5th in the double fetch final and she was 3rd in the Defaidty Hill trial double fetch final. READ MORE.
  Bailey - sadly, Bailey died April 9, 2014. Our household will never be the same again. Bailey was our household companion and running pal, who loved to run, jump and play. She had oodles of character and was naughty to the core (in a nice way). She won numerous agility events as a young dog before we retired her from competition. Bailey was the boss of our household. She went everywhere and did everything with us and we literally wove our life around hers. She is sorely missed and remembered each and every day. READ MORE.
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