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2018 Reserve Nursery Champion for Carmarthenshire and Top Puppy
2018 South Wales Nursery Final - 5th
2018 All Wales Nursery Final - 5th

Sire: Alan Jones' Spot (ISDS 00/314440)
Dam: Kinloch Penny (ISDS 00/305855)
DOB: 17 January 2017

DNA CEA by parentage; DNA SN normal
BVA Hip score= 7 (3:4)
Pele's Trial results are HERE

Pele is a very natural dog with oodles of scope. Like his brother, Carlos, he is very enthusiastic and willing. He was challenging to train to begin with, as he has his own ideas about how he wants to work but with a bit of patience, we have come to an understanding with each other. He is a cooperative dog and tries his best every time out. Pele is just starting to get the hang of shedding. In nursery trials, he had two wins and placed in every trial he competed in. I love training this dog as he is so willing. I think he has the skillset to make a very good open dog next year, and a tremendous worker at home. Pele finished 5th in both the South Wales Nursery final and All Wales Nursery final. He will represent Wales, along with his brother Carlos, in the Four Nations nursery final in March 2019.



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